Oct 23, 2011


I can't seem to make you understand
Everything that goes inside my heart
I cannot speak or show, just feel
Still you'll always think it's just a big lie

I'll always remain the insensitive
And you, the one

Frame by frame my heart grows colder
And in you eyes I stare at the flame
And when you take my hand and hold me
I no longer feel the pain

And when you sadly say goodbye to me
And leave me in my cell all alone
True love never dies for some
And sorrow never ends for me

I'll always remain the insensitive
And you, the one
I'll always keep it all inside
And you will only say goodbye

Oct 22, 2011


She searches hopelessly for a new love
She smiles at me but dies inside
Trying to find a way out
Out of the darkness and into the light

So close yet so far 

She awakens in me a wave of desire
She captures me in her eyes
And then she tells me loves a lie
And leaves me cold and blind

So close yet so far

She prays every night to feel numb
She said memories won't let her sleep at night
She said her life's an empty stage
Life's a circus we're all clowns

Oct 21, 2011


Waiting for love to come along
I've been staring at the faces made of stone
And the shades seem to surround my heart
Loneliness knocks at my door
Nervous breakdown
Sitting alone in a crowed bar
I hear their laughter while I just keep dying inside
Spinning around I keep staring at the glass
It all shades me down
I lost the mask, I can't hide it anymore
And she said that love will find a way
She said tomorrow will be a better day
It's easier said than done
Nervous breakdown

Oct 20, 2011


There were no stars up in the sky
All the souls gathered together
To hunt my dreams
Memories followed.
I've come here to forget you
I've tried hopelessly to regret you
The wind calls your name
And as I look around in vain
I can hear the trees laughing at me
Making fun of my misery.
Memories followed.
Do you still remember when we used to dance?
Just you and me and the moonlight
I still dance alone
Yes, I still wonder why you're gone
Whatever happened to true love?
Do memories follow you too?
Do you still think you ain't got nothing to lose?
Has your blue sky also turned into gray?
Or has the pain finally just gone away?

Oct 19, 2011


Words were taken seriously
Actions didn't mean a thing
We tried hopelessly
Our wounds to heal.
Our eyes met
And we shared the silence.
I miss what I never had
I never realized it'd hurt so bad
When reality hurts
Dreams feel so real.
I told you everything
Everything about the clown
The dying clown inside of me
I told you everything.
Our eyes will never meet again
And all we have left is the silence.

Oct 18, 2011


All my life I’ve been looking
For a love that could outlive eternity itself.
I found it. In you.
I know you’ll find me too.
Time is ours forever.
Love is ours forever.
Come and whisper in my ear that you feel the same.
And then you’ll realize
Life has just begun.

Oct 17, 2011


I’ll never tell you
How much I love you
I’ll never tell you
How much I care
I’ll never tell you
How much I need you
And you’ll never know
How much it hurts
To look into your eyes
And lie without a word.

“... But break my heart for I must hold my tongue”

Oct 16, 2011


Blessed are the souls
Of this lonely town

Lost, going nowhere
Never lost their faith

Wise are the walls of this cell,
People say ' listen to me’
But I cannot find the wisdom of their words

Loneliness' still felt
Although crowed is the room,

Wasted are the tears
Of this lonely clown
Crystal thoughts of wisdom
Never met the words,

Killed are the dreams
The shades surround your heart

You lose it all
All that you never had on the first place,

You lose the ground
You never stop falling down
You never wake up
Never hit the ground,

Endless is the story
Of this tired soul

Wasted away
Dies alone,

Endless is the pain
Of this lonely dragon

Lost, going nowhere
Never lost his faith

Sep 18, 2011


Saved a prayer for the wishing well
The endless night has taught me well
I threw a coin and walked away
I wish I knew a way to
Forgive myself

She said to me I wish I could fly
But all she did was make me dive
I wish I was wise enough to make her
Help me find a secret shelter to
Heal myself

You can't run so you better hide
You must be honest or just blind
So I’ll throw a coin and walk away
I got no wise advice to say

Colder holder of my heart
I ran out of apologies
Saved a prayer for the wishing well
I wish there was something I could say
To wish myself
Better days

Sep 8, 2011


No happy ending for our story
Nothing to do but wipe my eyes
Or hide my tears in the merciless rain
I finally learned to see though your lies
All I have are empty days
Since the day you ran away
Just waiting for this love to die
Waiting hopelessly for that day

When love turns to hate I’ll be there
To hate you almost as much as I once loved you
When day turns to night I’ll be there
To break you almost as much as I once healed you

And all through the years you'll remember these words
And all through the years they'll wound you like swords
And all the demons in my head will be yours
And you'll dream us together for better and worse
And desperation will take over you
But you'll never know that I still need you

Because I shouldn't love you but forget you
Because I shouldn't miss you but regret you.


I'm the son of the sun
She is the daughter of the moon
So different yet so alike.
It's my light that makes her shine
It's her breath that gives me life
Yet we will never be together
Even though we are one.
She eclipses me with her sight
Tells me things will be alright
But suddenly she leaves me
She looks at me but pretends she can't see me.

Sep 4, 2011


Why do I feel that my heart
Will always be next in line?
Why do I still pray for love
When it has always been so mean?
Why does time take so long
To heal a broken heart?
Why did she say that this love
Would someday tear us apart?

Why so wrong when it feels so right?


O night
I vow to love you again
You'll be once again my companion
And never again my demon
You'll be once again my confidant
And never again my hunter
O night
I vow to love you again
If you keep her by my side.